Filelytics gives you the tools you need to spot sales trends and capture customers opinions
through email, Facebook, twitter, and CRM notes or any other text file, in an easy to use format
that can transform your best guesses into data-driven results. Fully customized searh functions
will identify the data that you will need, and guide you to gems of knowledge that are hidden in
the data you already have.
Developed by Seattle business owners to conquer information overload; Filelytics will turn your
team into analytics experts without taking college statistics or hiring a specialist. The intuitive
design streamlines customer satisfaction information into easy to read tables and graphics that
can be shared with everyone on your team. From you CEO to your call center employees, anyone
who understands a batting average can become a satisfaction statistics superstar!
Empowering every company to access their customer data, delivering the power of an
enterprise solution in one easy to user tool, turning your data overload into sales results,
this is what Filelytics stands for and we'll work with you to meet the needs of your business.
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*Filelytics is an Interstack cloud solution